Projects co-financed by European Funds

Brexit without loss at sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed by European Funds titled "Brexit without loss at".

Goals and planned effects of the project:

  • maintaining business operations and improving the financial situation by adapting the company to the new post-Brexit reality.

Project value: 68 914,33 EUR
Co-financing of the project from the European Funds: 68 914,33 EUR

An internationalization of the company sp. z o.o. implements a project of a company internationalization co-financed by European Funds.

Project name: "Internacjonalizacja przedsińôbiorstwa" / "An internationalization of the company"

Goals and planned effects of the project:

  • increase in export revenues
  • improving competitiveness
  • reaching for new markets
  • increasing production possibilities
  • increase in production speed
  • increasing standards by purchasing devices with high quality of work

Project value: 931 730,00 PLN
Co-financing of the project from the European Funds: 643 802,71 PLN


Meet the possibilities of the b2b system

Products in many languages

  • A wide range of language versions of the products and unique products directly from the manufacturer
  • Better adaptation of products to foreign markets
  • Reaching for new markets

Efficient production & personalization

  • New possibilities of product personalization
  • Faster and more efficient production

Faster processing & less errors

  • The convenient and safe ordering process
  • Faster order processing - even faster than before
  • Less errors in the packaging process

Increase of quality

  • Increasing the quality of products and their packaging
  • More efficient verification of goods before shipment and prevention of complaints

Multilanguage product presentations

  • Faster creation of product presentations in multiple languages
  • Photos, descriptions and videos ready to use